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Product Portfolio

Manage your software policies for open source and third-party licenses and components all in one place. Facilitate reuse of software components and compliance with open source license obligations within your organization.

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Component Catalog

A catalog of public open source and proprietary software components with detailed metadata for each component, including origin, license, technology, and functionality. With DejaCode, you can manage open source components the easy way.

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License Library

A library of open source and proprietary licenses. Our license library contains detailed documentation of license terms and conditions. With DejaCode, you can put open source license policies in place in just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

DejaCode is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level product for managing the business side of your software product, which may be software as a product, software as a service or software embedded with hardware. And although open source is a big part of the picture, DejaCode is designed to manage data about your own original code, third-party commercial code, and open source inclusively.

With DejaCode, our focus goes beyond scanning to how you use the data you collect from scanning across all programing languages and technologies.

DejaCode does not include any scanning functionality itself but rather provides the central enterprise database and repository where you consolidate the software provenance data you obtain from scanning across our Product Suite.

Our parent company, nexB Inc., provides open source code scanning and software audit services. Find out more about open source compliance and software due diligence at

Software Management
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