A product suite that will help you to better manage your components!
Manage components

Manage your open source, third-party, and original components throughout the software development lifecycle.

Track & Report

Provides a management system for software component tracking and reporting to optimize your use of components.

Comply with obligations

Facilitate your compliance with software license obligations for your software components.

Product Portfolio

Manage your software policies, licenses, components and product portfolio all in one place to facilitate optimal reuse of software components and compliance with license obligations within your organization.

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Component Catalog

A catalog of public open source and proprietary software components with detailed metadata for each component, including origin, license, technology, and functionality.

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License Library

A library of open source and proprietary licenses with detailed documentation of license terms and conditions.

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Many companies will help you identify the problem of copyright risks through scanning services. With DejaCode, our focus goes beyond scanning to how you use the data you collect from scanning across all programing languages and technologies.

If your business runs web applications for your customers and partners, distributes applications or embeds significant software components in your products, find out how the DejaCode Product Suite can help you.