A catalog of software components

Most organizations reuse open source and other third-party software components. DejaCode's Component Catalog is a great way to keep track of software components that you use now and others that are available for possible future use.

Choose the best and most appropriate third party software components when beginning your development project. Have access to the latest versions of the components you need. Use all available open source components, and in a few specific cases, commercial

Facilitate open source software component reuse

DejaCode Component Catalog lets you document your open source software policy for the usage of each component. You can set up an approval workflow easily to facilitate software component reuse. This enables your product teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of component reuse based on company policies.

Improve your programming quality by using software components recommended by the community. Privilege the best software components for your needs to bring out better products faster.

Curated open source and third-party component data

Avoid the need to start your component catalog from scratch. The software component data in our Catalog is based on our expertise from auditing thousands of software components.

Try it today

The Component Catalog is available in DejaCode's Enterprise Edition.

Sign up on our trial page for a free 30-day trial. Get your own company instance of DejaCode, where you can add your own products and software metadata.

Customize component metadata

If you license and install a local copy of the DejaCode Component Catalog for your company, you can apply your policies for component usage, add your own components, and customize the component metadata. nexB provides a reference component database and ongoing updates for your copy of the Component Catalog.

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