Learn about open source software licenses

Most companies already use open source software components, but many organizations do not have a clear understanding of the corresponding software license obligations. The critical first step is to learn about open source licenses and develop your policies for use of open source components based on their licenses.

Any organization that distributes or relies significantly on software to run its business will be familiar with copyright risks associated with embedded open-source and other components.

DejaCode License Library provides an online library of open source software licenses as well as proprietary licenses. With our license library you can foster your understanding of software licenses and facilitate compliance with the license obligations and restrictions. DejaCode License Library contains over 700 curated open source software licenses and new software licenses are always being added.

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A local reference library

If you license and install a local copy of the DejaCode License Library for your organization, you can apply your policies to the licenses and adapt the license categories and other data.